I planned putting up a blog for quite a while now and finally got it up and running.

What will be posted here?

In my spare time and at work I work on several projects using different technologies mostly new and related to web, mobile and java backends. So I decided to put up a blog for sharing and discussing my thought, knowledge and experiences as software developer, software architect and game developer with the world. Among others, topics found here will be:

  • Web development
  • App development
  • Game development & Game Design
  • Databases
  • Software architecture
  • DevOps
  • Tools
  • Gamification
  • Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS
  • Games

If you’re interested in those topics feel free to follow this blog and discuss with me on the topics. You can follow me on twitter as well, as I share some great articles on those topicsĀ I come across there from time to time. I’ll try to post about once or twice a month. I decided to write in English to make this available to as many people as possible. Additonally I hope this’ll be a practice for my English skills as well.